"That positive thinking so typically focuses upon personal security and success is not surprising when one considers the extent to which Protestantism in America has become the sponsor of the familiar doctrines of free enterprise and individual initiative. Not only rural Protestantism, but also Protestantism in the city — what is left of it — has become a make-believe haven where the individual is exalted, where religion is meant to confirm and appease his desires and ambitions, where the individual controls his own destiny, where the only limits on a man are said to be those native to his own mentality, volition, health, competitive spirit and luck, where those that get ahead deserve it, and where God is eager to help those who help themselves. But in this enchanting sanctuary there is hardly a whisper about the praise of the Lord our God, or the remembrance of the poor, or loving an enemy, or giving away one’s life and in that way finding it, or the passion of Christ, or the power of the Resurrection, or the discernment of God’s presence in the world, or the jubilance and surprise of the Eucharist, or the earnest expectancy of the Last Day of God’s judgment and mercy."
William Stringfellow, A Private and Public Faith (via locusimperium)
"Note to self:
You’ll always be treading on tumultuous grounds if you habitually allow your mood to be affected by unpredictable events or people. Sometimes, you just have to find it in you to let go of all the things that didn’t go according to plan, and instead be joyful for all the things that did; and to remain thankful for the blessings you’ve thus far received, and with a lighthearted demeanor be open to receive all the goodness that is yet to come."
(via seedeeply)